Classroom Ed-Venture

Can’t come to the museum? We can bring the museum to you! Our ‘Classroom Ed-Venture’ programs provide multiple opportunities for integration across curricula and are adapted for each grade level.

Classroom Ed-Ventures


Fill out and send us your Ed-Venture Request Form to book a visit!

**Group Size: 1 class (approximately 30 students)

**Cost: $165 for 60 minute program ($195 if outside 30 miles)

Choose from our program topics below:

  • Bridges: Discover shapes and designs that help bridges bear heavy loads through STEM experimentation. Key concepts- force, engineering, structural design, geometry, language arts
  • Bubbles: Using bubbles, your students will have the opportunity to explore scientific concepts such as investigation, observation, comparison, and classification. Each student will have opportunity to create bubbles in your classroom. Key concepts- surface tension, chemical properties, flat faces, structural design, language arts
  • Boats: By designing a watercraft, students will discover what makes a boat float, sink, and move through small group engineering and experimentation. Key concepts: buoyancy, force, motion, weight, engineering, sink, float, language art