Within this playful, highly interactive “end of the bayou” gallery, visitors engage in hands-on activities; step upon a shrimp boat to harvest the gulf’s seafood; experience a working model of an estuary; search for ducks from a duck blind; climb up an oil derrick and do some deep sea fishing.



Estuary Water Table

An important signature exhibit is a working model of the area. Defined as a coastal area where salt water mixes with fresh water; an estuary is made up of many types of habitats. This table will give visitors and opportunity to experiment with water flow by moving levies.


Swamp Stomp

Practice stopping, jumping and timing on this interactive exhibit. Leap from pad to pad in the swamp, but only on the lit pads! You don’t want to wake the sleeping alligators!


Shrimp Boat

Another signature exhibit, visitors can climb, crawl and pretend to be on a working shrimp boat. Visitors will learn about the many types of crops that the Gulf of Mexico provides, sort them into buckets and transport them to the coast for sale!


Duck Blind

Hide in the grassy thick of this signature exhibit and use oversized binoculars to spot waterfowl in the museum.