Our Exhibits

It has always been the dream of our board to create a children’s museum that would be unique, fun and educational. Visitors to the Bayou Country Children’s Museum will experience what it would be like to travel down a bayou from the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico. What would you encounter? Envision the wide variety of crops, massive oak trees, Cajun cottages, seafood, unique bridges, boat building, oil and gas industries and of course coastal erosion.

Because all exhibits will have a “Cajun Flair,” our whole museum will be unique. Even our grocery store will be called the Farmer’s Market to tie in with our road side growers, local produce and recipes. All visitors will depart knowing more about our “bayou country” and the Cajun way of life.

The museum is broken up into 9 main exhibit areas, each with their own grand theme. There are signature exhibits throughout the entire museum. They are designated as “Signature Exhibits” because they can only be experienced in the Bayou Country Children’s Museum.

Explore our museum by clicking on the links to our various galleries!


  • Sugar Cane Harvester (climbing structure)
  • Sugar Cane Alley
  • Estuary Water Table
  • Mardi Gras Float
  • Steel Legged Reef (oil derrick structure)
  • The Grand Old Oak
  • Cajun Cottage (restaurant)
  • Shrimp Boat, “Miss Clotille”
  • Duck Blind (for spotting local water fowl)
  • Jean Lafitte’s Treasure Dig
  • Bayou Boogie (giant floor piano)
  • Bridges, Bridges, Bridges