Agriculture Gallery

Long ago the Mississippi River and its bayous would overflow their levees leaving behind deposits of rich soil. This accounts for the abundant growth of crops ranging from sugar cane to citrus, crawfish to merlitons. Drive along any bayou and you can see land under cultivation throughout the year.

This features a sugar cane harvester where children can climb aboard and see video of what it is like to move through the fields during harvest season.  Visitors will also learn how sugar comes from sugar cane while discovering how to wander through the sugar cane alley. Many home grown vegetables and recipes are featured in the Farmer’s Market Gallery.


Sugarcane Harvester

A truly unique exhibit to our museum!  Visitors can climb, crawl and tunnel on this one-of-a-kind monster piece of equipment.  A video in the cab shows what one sees when harvesting sugarcane.

Sugarcane Alley

Children learn about the life cycle of sugar cane as they make their way through sugarcane alley, a ramp that winds around the sugarcane harvester that ends with a slide as the exit.

Farmer’s Market

Most children’s museums have a grocery store where children can shop for groceries.  Our signature exhibit will boast a Farmer’s Market designed to feature many types of local crops from the bayou region like locally grown produce, seafood, and meals commonly found in local households.   Shopping baskets and a cash register complete the experience.

Cajun Cottage

This staple of architecture along the bayous of south Louisiana with its front porch is actually a child’s imaginary restaurant equipped with a kitchen, dining tables and all the mock staples of a real restaurant.

Jean Lafitte’s Treasure Dig

Pretend to be one of Jean Lafitte’s pirates on an explorer’s dig and uncover the mysteries that lie beneath.  Search for a pirate’s treasure such as gold coins, a cannon ball, and other unique items from the past.