Bayou Gallery

Within this playful, highly interactive “end of the bayou” gallery, visitors engage in hands-on activities; step upon a shrimp boat to harvest the gulf’s seafood; experience a working model of an estuary; search for ducks from a duck blind; climb up an oil derrick and do some deep sea fishing.


Duck Blind

It’s hunting season at the museum.  Use binoculars to spot ducks of all varieties while hunkering down in a duck blind along the bayouside. How many can you find?

Swamp Stomp

Try not to wake the alligators!  Step on the lit pads to cross the water.  If you step on one that is not lit, the “gators” will let you know with their fiery red eyes and growling sounds.

Estuary Water Table

An important signature exhibit is a working model of the area.  Defined as a coastal area where salt water mixes with fresh water; an estuary is made up of many types of habitats.  This table will give visitors and opportunity to experiment with water flow by moving levees.

Shrimp Boat

Another signature exhibit, visitors can climb, crawl and pretend to be on a working shrimp boat named “Miss Clotille.”  Visitors can live the life of a fisherman, trawl the waterways and gather the day’s catch.  Did you know that the fishing industry is the third largest industry in Louisiana?

Steel Legged Reef

Off the coast of Louisiana lie some of the world’s most unusual reefs.  We’re not talking about coral or shell reefs, but the steel-legged kind that the oil companies constructed throughout the Gulf.  As a result of this, many fish gather under and near the leg structures of these oil rigs.  Climb up this multi-level, 17-foot interactive signature exhibit that highlights the oil industry and processes as well as the ecosystem that depends on the structure below.