Construction Gallery

Within this gallery visitors can build bridges; arrange over-sized gears; use a chair lift to challenge the physics of pulleys and hydraulics; test the strength of building materials; compare different types of bridges; discover the power of sound waves; and climb around on an oil derrick.


Natural Bridge

Encourages a basic understanding of structural issues along with the concept of suspension.  A bridge can be built out of found objects and materials.

Build a Better Bridge

With the amount of water in the bayou region, bridges are everywhere and there are many different types of bridges, too.  This exhibit will encourage learning the differences between beam, arch, suspension and cable-stayed bridges and how they each perform.

Great Gears

Possibilities are endless for arranging these over-sized gears so that they will work effectively, encouraging gross motor skills and an understanding of how gears work together to create movement.

Chair Lift

This exhibit challenges the physics of pulleys, demonstrating how lifting heavy loads is accomplished more easily by utilizing pulley systems.

Air Cannon

This exhibit is designed to help children understand how sound waves travel and reflect off surfaces by sending a narrow beam of sound waves outward to its intended object.  The effect will be as though an invisible ball has been thrown.  By tapping on the end of the air cannon, the sound waves produced from the tapping can be seen visually.