Early Childhood Gallery

Toddler Town is a comfortable, enclosed area that invites toddlers to crawl, climb, and walk to explore and manipulate new environments and surfaces. In Toddler Town many of the experiences enjoyed throughout the museum by older children can be found at an appropriate developmental level safe for younger children.

Sight lines over low walls will enable adults with children of varied ages to be with the youngest while still keeping an eye on the activities of the older children. Toddler Town is a reassuring space where young children independently explore in an environment separated from older children. With its “Cajun” theme, Toddler Town has the mood of a quiet Bayou setting.


I Spy Wall

Children will learn the importance of observation, concentration, camouflage and hide and seek with this over-sized dimensional mural.

The Grand Old Oak

Signature exhibit featuring a majestic oak tree used as a gathering place.

Climb & Slide

Climbing structure with safe and fun slide sparks the imagination of the youngest family member through multi-faceted activities designed to enhance gross motor skills and eye hand coordination.

Tactile Tunnels

Delightful area invites toddlers to crawl, climb and walk in order to explore new environments and surfaces.