Health and Wellness Gallery

This area is a celebration of the way our bodies work and knowing how better nutrition and proper exercise can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle.  They will learn about simple diagnostic devices like x-ray machines that help doctors understand the body. This exhibit also touches upon prevention and the steps visitors can take to protect their health.  A food game will help children decide what it takes to make a healthy meal. This area allows visitors to assess one’s fitness level and how to maintain or improve it.

In addition, children will learn how to take care of the environment by recycling items and reducing the amount of waste.


X-Ray Puzzle

This creative station allows children to look at the bones and build a skeleton.

Pedal Through Nutrition

Louisiana is ranked as one of the highest in the nation for childhood obesity.  Let’s help our children combat this with the knowledge of healthy eating and exercise.   How long will you have to pedal to work off the calories from a snack of fast food French fries, a slice of King Cake or some red beans and rice?

Food Pyramid/Scale

Learn how to balance a meal with the proper amount of exercise to live a healthy lifestyle.  Choosing items for your food tray will determine the amount of exercise needed to balance the scale.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This exhibit involves visitors in identifying ways to reduce disposable items in their daily lives.  It also shows how items we use both can and should be reused and creative ways to do so.