Performance / Music Gallery

This area features a stage where children can engage in various types of performances and creative expressions. The theater features a stage area and multiple backdrops to suit every imagination.

Alongside the performance area is a puppet stage with traditional hand puppets. Visitors can produce shows using these puppets as well as puppets they make during special art programs.


Bayou Boogie

Children can creatively express themselves on a giant-sized floor piano and create their own tunes or play some tunes that they might know like “Happy Birthday,” “Row, Row Your Boat,” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

Performance Stage

A large stage where children dressed in costumes with hand props can experiment with different tasks involved in producing a play.  It is also be an area for creative plays provided by the visiting thespians.

Puppet Stage

Stage offers a venue for traditional hand puppets along with a viewing screen so puppeteers can see what the audience sees.

Idiophone (water sounds)

Encourages visitors to create sound by tapping on glass bottles that contain different fluid levels.  Children will learn about the characteristics of sound and how music can integrate with science.

Mardi Gras Float

This signature exhibit offers a one of a kind experience.  Children can pretend it is Mardi Gras all year by tossing beads to a crowd, depicted by a mural with movable arms.