Donor Naming Options

Conservative estimates show that we can expect 45,000 visitors to the museum each year. The list below offers a variety of designations for donations in support of building the Bayou Country Children’s Museum.

1. Permanent naming rights to the museum:

Value $1,000,000
(Payable over 10 years)

2. Premier recognition for five years at entrance to the gallery of your choice:

Value $250,000
(Payable over 5 years)

Early Childhood Gallery
Farmer’s Market Gallery
Construction Gallery
Agriculture Gallery
Performance Gallery
Health and Fitness Gallery
Music Gallery
Bayou Gallery

3. Name plaque on or in vicinity of chosen exhibit for five years:

(Payable over 5 years)

Exhibits Valued at $100,000:

Bayou Estuary Water Table
The Grand Old Oak Tree
Shrimp Boat
Steel Legged Reefs
Sugar Cane Harvester/Sugar Cane Maze

Exhibits Valued between $50,000 – $75,000

Mardi Gras Float/Parade
Musical Alligators
Body Atlas
Zydeco Music Man Keyboard
Performance Stage/Build a Story/Puppet Stage
Welcome Exhibit: Who’s in the Bayou?

Exhibits Valued at $25,000

Transportation Alley/Street Smart
Chair Lift
Jean Lafitte’s Treasure Dig
Climb & Slide
Tactile Tunnels
Better Bridge/Great Gears
Aerobic Sounds
Duck Blind