What will Coco’s Bon Ami do?

  • Film for weekly BCCM FB posts to show kids and their families how to do:
    • Experiments
    • Crafts
    • Games
    • DYI
  • Film FB Live as the spokesperson for certain special BCCM events:
    • Members Only Nights
    • Coco’s Birthday Celebration
    • Booseum
    • Geared Up
    • etc.
  • Featured content on Coco’s Blog Page
    • Features on museum exhibits and things to do at the BCCM when you visit

Rules & Guidelines

  • Age Requirement 7-10 years
  • Must have parent/gaurdian permission & representation
  • Submissions or link to submission video along with application must be sent to [email protected]
  • Submission must be made on or before March 27th, 2020

Submission Guidelines

All candidates must submit an application.

All candidates must submit a video following the specified guidelines:

  • Video Length: 3-5 minutes
  • In the video the child candidate must state:
    • Their NAME
    • Their AGE
    • Complete a demonstration on an at home project
      • examples
        • Experiment
        • Craft

Coco’s Bon Ami Perks

Coco’s Bon Ami will receive:

  • Free admission to the Bayou Country Children’s Museum for 2020
  • Free admission to all BCCM special events 2020 (excludes programs, camps, and field trips)
  • Free Bayou Boogie Birthday Party (or celebration with friends if Birthday has passed)