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About BCCM

Louisiana culture comes to life at the Bayou Country Children’s Museum. Located in Thibodaux, Louisiana, this hands-on museum provides the type of recreational learning experience desired by parents and educators that has a lasting impact on child development. For children, play is a critical way to find out about new things. The ability to play is instrumental in scientific exploration, discovery and creativity.

The museum provides children ages 2-12 years with a unique learning environment that enhances the classroom experience. Our exhibits correspond with established Grade Level Expectations and further inspire teachers to include more hands-on activities in the classroom.

The museum is open year round, offering a climate controlled, unique environment for affordable good family fun. It also include a unique gift shop called the “Bayou Boutique,” a fun and colorful space that features gifts for children of all ages. Here shoppers can find souvenirs from a trip to the BCCM as well as educational toys and unique quality gifts that relate to the museum exhibits and activities.

The museum offers party rooms that can be booked for birthdays, etc. and includes admission to the museum for party guests. Refreshments are restricted to the party room and may be contracted through the museum.

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The mission of the BCCM is to act as a gateway of knowledge that educates area children and their families while promoting the unique cultures of South Louisiana through entertaining, educational, and interactive experiences that enrich the lives of all who visit.


The Bayou Country Children's Museum plays a vital role in helping our region's children, families and organizations embrace the love of learning and the power of play while celebrating our unique Cajun culture.

Benefits to the Bayou Region


Aids in preserving and promoting South Louisiana’s environment and culture


Fills a void in the area for year-round affordable, enjoyable and educational fun for the whole family


Enhances the classroom experience by corresponding with established Core Curriculum Expectations


Promotes bayou culture to visitors through increased area tourism


Provides hands-on recreational learning experiences


Inspires local teachers to include more hands-on activities in the classroom

Opening Hours

Monday - Closed

Tuesday - Saturday - 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Sunday - Noon - 6 p.m.

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