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Angel statue

Come to the museum and experience South Louisiana first hand with our unique South Louisiana themed exhibits. Our basic field trip option includes an orientation presentation, Safetyville presentation from a Sheriff’s Deputy, and discovery in the museum.

Angel statue

Enhance your experience with a Standards focused field trip. One of our museum professionals will lead you through a hands-on workshop on a topic of your choice. The focused field trip includes an orientation presentation, standards focused workshop, Safetyville presentation from a Sheriff’s Deputy, and discovery in the museum.

Focused Topics

Presentations | PreK-5th Grade

Chemistry of Bubbles
  • All ages 

  • Pop, fizz, what makes a bubble? Learn about chemical reactions and the ways bubbles can be formed. 

Louisiana Natural Resources
  • Pre-K and Kindergarten 

  • Join us in learning about the natural resources that are available here in South Louisiana. Children will also learn the difference between natural and manmade resources. 

Money Smart
  • Presented by South Louisiana Bank

  • Join us at the Museum with banking professional from South Louisiana Bank to learn all about the value of a dollar and the basics of banking.

& Bridges
  • 1st grade and up 

  • What does it take to plan and build bridges? Learn the differences between types of bridges and build your own. 

Sweet as Sugarcane
  • 1st Grade and up 

  • Sugarcane EVERYWHERE! Learn about Louisiana’s natural resources, what they are used for and how they impact our communities.

Safetyville Presentations

Presentations | Ages 2-5

Daniel Tiger’s Weather Safety

Coco the alligator teaches Daniel and O the Owl not to be afraid of bad weather. Coco and children put together a weather safety kit to use during the storms; showing children they can be a big help to their parents when storms come.

Coco and Timmy’s Hot Cookies

Coco and Timmy teach children about things that get hot and how to be safe around them. Children play the Hot or Cold game with Deputy Kayla and identify hot warning signs intended to keep them safe.

Lyla Got Lost

Lyla a six year old girl tells her story about a time she went shopping with her mom and got lost. Lyla also tells children what she did to get found. Children play the Safety Game with Coco to see if they know what to do if they get lost.

Brianna’s Emergency

Coco teaches children what an emergency is and what to expect when they call 911. Brianna tells about the day she had to call 911 to get help for her mother. The children learn how to dial 911 with Dty. Mel and learn why they should never call as a joke.

Presentations | 5 and older

Dog Bite Prevention

Timmy the puppy and Max the Bull dog help teach children what to do to stay safe around dogs they don’t know. Deputy Kayla teaches children what to do if they are knocked down and attacked by a dog. Children learn the right and wrong ways to treat their dogs.

Fire Safety

Learn what to do if you’re sleeping and your room fills with smoke. Join us as we crawl through the fog filled simulation room to find the safe exits out. Children learn about making a safe plan to follow and practice with their parents. (Full, interactive presentation available to groups 60 or less)

Weather Safety

Join us and learn where to go to stay safe during tornados and hurricanes. Children experience a tornado news alert with rain, thunder and lightning simulation. Children also learn the dangers flood waters can cause.

Firework Safety

Children learn about firework safety and learn a safe way to use sparklers. Children learn how to stop, drop and roll if their clothes catch on fire. The Children have fun in a stop, drop and roll relay race.

Water Safety

Children learn the importance of water safety and boating safety. They are taught about the different life jacket regulations and life jackets available. Children learn the importance of wearing their life jackets in our fun version of The Family Fish Trip.

Stop Drop and Roll

Join Flick and the friendly fireflies in this video presentation which teaches ways to stay safe around fire and how to stop, drop, and roll if your clothes catch on fire. The children have fun practicing what they have learned with Coco and Dty. Mel.

Hugo Hippo’s Personal Safety

We all make small choices every day to make sure we don’t hurt ourselves or anyone else. Join Hugo as he explores ways we can all stay safe around personal safety topics such as good touch – bad touch, strangers, getting lost, and saying no in this personal safety video presentation. Join Coco in a personal safety game to see if you know what to do to keep yourself safe.

Internet Safety

Coco and McGruff take a bite out of crime by showing children how to safely use the internet. The video presentation, Faux Paw the Techno Cat’s Big Mistake, shows why following internet safety rules are so important.

Safe to Taste and Touch

Coco teaches children to identify things which are safe to taste and touch and ways to stay safe around them. The children try with their hand at identifying safe or unsafe items to taste and touch.

Gun Safety

Join Eddie Eagle in this video presentation, teaching children what to do if they see a gun. Followed by Coco and friends puppet show; teaching children the importance of following gun safety rules.

Seasonal Presentations

Mardi Gras Safety

Learn important ways to stay safe at a Mardi Gras parade. Join in as we put into action what we have learned in our own Throw Me Something Mister Mardi Gras Parade in Safetyville. (February – March)

Firework Safety

Children learn about firework safety and learn a safe way to use sparklers. Children learn how to stop, drop, and roll if their clothes catch of fire. The children have fun practicing what they learned with Deputy Mel. (December and June to July 4th )

Penny Pumpkin

Join Penny Pumpkin and Farmer Dan to find out what makes Penny so special. Coco narrates this delightful puppet show as children learn the things which makes them different from everyone else can also make them very special. (September – November)

Halloween Safety

Learn important safety tips for Trick or Treaters. Join Deputy Mel and a video clip of our own special pirate, Sheriff Webre, in this Halloween Safety presentation. (October)



  • The final payment is due the day of the trip. 

  • You are responsible for providing the final count of students and chaperones on the day of your trip to the field trip facilitator. No refunds are given for students that are absent on the day of the trip if a check is printed beforehand. 

  • Membership does not include field trips. Members must pay the field trip booking price. 

  • The field trip admission rate is strictly for school groups. Parents and children cannot use their field trip payment to return the same day. Regular admission will be charged.


  • If you need to cancel, please inform the Bayou Country Children’s Museum at least 24 hours in advance.  

  • Cancellations must be made by email to


  • Lunch is not built into your field trip reservation, but you are more than welcome to plan for your group to eat lunch on our outside grounds after your trip, weather permitting. Should the weather not cooperate, please have a backup plan. 


  • Field Trips are booked in 2-hour blocks. 

    • Block A: 10:00-12:00 

    • Block B: 12:00-2:00 

  • Plan to arrive at the museum on time. Please note that the museum is not responsible for delays. **If you arrive late, your field trip will still end at your scheduled time stated on your contract** 

Parent Chaperones & Siblings

  • Visiting chaperones, siblings or any other adult other than school staff will pay the same price as the students plus tax. 

  • Visiting chaperones, sibling or any other adult other than school staff are required to check-in and pay at the front desk. 

  • The recommended chaperone ratio is 1 teacher for every 8 students, 1:8. 

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